Reaching Goals

Another reblog from Carly, because our blogs are so similar! Motivation is the key to success in life, and sometimes it can be one of the hardest things to achieve. I love the idea of having an inspirational wall. Personally, I leave myself sticky notes. The future has also always motivated me. I’m always working toward the next thing — right now, that’s graduating college. Overall health is something that I will be working toward my entire life, just like spiritual well-being. We all need to find our own motivation in life, and hold onto it so that we can continually reach our goals.

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One of the hardest things to do is to achieve goals. Believe me, I know. I have always struggled with keeping academic goals and healthy goals. I always end up saying “Fuck it, I tried.” But I never have been so motivated in my life. I am so close to reaching my academic goal that I haven’t really been focusing so much on my fitness goals. Looking at my Timehop from a year ago, I was so focused on being skinny and going to the gym that I forgot that my academic life existed.


But this summer, I know I will be working a lot on my career for after college. I will also be working on my fitness goals for the whole summer. Staying clean and fit for the whole summer is a challenge because I just turned 21 and I am going to have my drinking days…

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Are we telling people it is okay not to be healthy?

I agree wholeheartedly with this post from Carly. Being thin doesn’t always mean you’re healthy, and being larger doesn’t mean you are unhealthy. This is why it is so hard to follow fitness. There is no universal diet that works for everyone, nor a workout plan that can help everyone achieve optimum health or fitness. We are extremely complex human beings, and each one of us needs a different balance of nutrients. I’m a thin girl, but I don’t consider myself to be “healthy” at the moment because I don’t always put the best things into my body. I know some people who may not look it, but I know that they go to the gym every day and they eat well. I have the kind of body type where no matter how much I work out, my legs will never be as skinny as my boyfriend’s. My grandma is the opposite. She has tiny arms and legs, but she can’t seem to lose weight from the middle. With that said, everyone should abolish the image of a healthy body. It’s like God. No one knows what He looks like. He gave you YOUR body and it is just that — YOURS. Who cares if it doesn’t look like a “model” body? If you really want to be healthy, you should ask your doctor what your best diet options are. Maybe you need a lot of protein, or maybe you need a lot of greens. Also, try out different excercises until you find one that you enjoy doing, and that works for whatever you’re trying to achieve — whether that’s losing fat, gaining muscle, or simply toning up.

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Okay, before anyone says anything. Hear me out because I know the headline is going to make people mad. I love that we are in a body positive society these days because it makes people have more confidents in themselves. I live that we are eliminating the word “plus size models” and just calling them models. But I have seen a few posts of these models that they do not work out and say they don’t eat healthy (NOT ALL OF THEM! But more of the ‘instagram models’ if you know what I mean).


Are we telling people that it’s okay not to workout and be healthy? Honestly, I hate the people that say they eat whatever they want and they eat all this sugar everyday because it is not good for you. It’s  all about moderation. Instead of promoting love your body the way it is. I think we…

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If you don’t even lift, bro…

If the gym’s not your thing, fine!  There’s no excuse as to why you shouldn’t be getting some cardio in!  Cardio is fun, honestly.  You just have to find the right type for you.  Most gyms offer a variety of classes you can take with a friend who can keep you on track.  Some of my favorites are aerobics, water aerobics, zumba, kickboxing, any type of dance class bu especially hip-hop, and bellydancing.  If any of these sound fun, you should give them a shot!  And if not, follow this link to find other ways to incorporate calorie-burning cardio into your daily routine!

Re-blog: Reasons to run outdoors

Re-blog: The Active Times: Spring Running Tips for Getting Your Outdoor Workouts Back on Track by Katie Rosenbrock

If you’re not an outside runner, maybe you should be!  And, if you already are, here are some ways to spice up your routes.

Feb 19, 2015 @ 11:08 AM

As winter starts to wrap up and spring begins to blossom, one by one runners who have spent most of the season training indoors, will begin to lace up their sneakers and finally fill their lungs with fresh air.

“It’s time to say goodbye to the treadmill, fluorescent lights, and the smell of the gym,” says elite marathoner and registered dietitian Kaye Anne Starosciak. “Instead, say hello to the aromas of the earth budding, soak up some vitamin D, and get your stride back on the road.”

These words are music to the ears of any athlete who’s been cooped up inside through the long, harsh winter.

Yet, as excited as you may be to finally take your running workouts back into the great outdoors again, the transition may not exactly be seamless.

While you’re anticipating the arrival of spring, check out these tips that will help you safely and effectively get your outdoor running workouts back on track.

Join a local running club.

Signing up to run with a group of local runners is an easy first step that can instantly help to re-ignite your enthusiasm for running. For example, REI’s Outdoor School offers several different clubs and classes for runners of all different abilities and at local levels, including general running clubs, trail running classes, race-specific training series, and even classes focused specifically on helping runners get “back on track.”

Run new routes and hit the trails when you can.

“Try a new trail or park—see what has changed during your indoor hibernation,” says Starosciak. Seeking new scenery can help to re-inspire your love for running, plus if you can find a soft dirt trail to run on, it could also benefit your body. “Any marathoner can tell you that the recovery time from running on pavement versus running on trails is significantly longer,” says Isabel Rivera, a ultra-runner and author of The Running Teacher. “Pavement has more resistance. Start by enjoying the views at some of your local trails to ease into running outdoors again.”

Finding Zen

What’s “Mahayana Buddhism?” you may ask?  It’s essentially a subsect of Buddhism that focuses less on religion and more on spirituality.

Their idea of spiritual health is called Zen.  So, how do you reach Zen?

First, let’s get a general idea of some common Zen beliefs.

Mahayana Buddhists do believe in the Buddha, and that all beings have a nature similar to the Buddha.  They believe that all facets of life transmit knowledge, and this knowledge lead to Enlightenment.  Mahayana Buddhists believe that there are six principles of Enlightenment.  They are:

-Dana paramita: to be boundlessly generous, and to have an open heart and mind

-Sila paramita: to have virtue/morality

-Shanti paramita: to be patient, tolerant, accepting and enduring

-Virya paramita: to be energetic, diligent, courageous and enthusiastic

-Dhyana paramita: to meditate, absorb, concentrate and contemplate

-Prajna: to obtain wisdom through transcendence

Enlightenment is obtained through the practices of meditation and mindfulness.

Some meditation techniques involved in Zen are ZaZen, or Japanese sitting meditation.  This is typically done alone in a quiet place.  Another is Sesshin, or intensive group meditation.  A tradition in Zen is to practice Koan, which are short stories, questions or dialogue practice during ZaZen.

Some other traditional spiritual practices involve flower arranging, writing haiku, chanting, painting and calligraphy.

Stretching: DO IT

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People think working out is just putting weights down and picking them back up, running or doing as many crunches as possible (FYI crunches are not that great for you).

People forget how important stretching is for you! Stretching helps prevent injuries and make you more flexible. You get compliments like “Wow! I can’t believe you can lift that much!” and not “Wow! Look how much stability and flexibility you have!” Stretching is a form of workout and next week I will post a video on my everyday stretches.


I have even talked to my dad and he use to be an active runner but he never stretched! But now he regrets not stretching because it caused him a lot of back, hip and etc problems as he got older.

I have been seeing a new trainer now for just a few weeks and I am stretching before, during and…

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