Stretching: DO IT

So true! Re-blog!

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People think working out is just putting weights down and picking them back up, running or doing as many crunches as possible (FYI crunches are not that great for you).

People forget how important stretching is for you! Stretching helps prevent injuries and make you more flexible. You get compliments like “Wow! I can’t believe you can lift that much!” and not “Wow! Look how much stability and flexibility you have!” Stretching is a form of workout and next week I will post a video on my everyday stretches.


I have even talked to my dad and he use to be an active runner but he never stretched! But now he regrets not stretching because it caused him a lot of back, hip and etc problems as he got older.

I have been seeing a new trainer now for just a few weeks and I am stretching before, during and…

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