Are we telling people it is okay not to be healthy?

I agree wholeheartedly with this post from Carly. Being thin doesn’t always mean you’re healthy, and being larger doesn’t mean you are unhealthy. This is why it is so hard to follow fitness. There is no universal diet that works for everyone, nor a workout plan that can help everyone achieve optimum health or fitness. We are extremely complex human beings, and each one of us needs a different balance of nutrients. I’m a thin girl, but I don’t consider myself to be “healthy” at the moment because I don’t always put the best things into my body. I know some people who may not look it, but I know that they go to the gym every day and they eat well. I have the kind of body type where no matter how much I work out, my legs will never be as skinny as my boyfriend’s. My grandma is the opposite. She has tiny arms and legs, but she can’t seem to lose weight from the middle. With that said, everyone should abolish the image of a healthy body. It’s like God. No one knows what He looks like. He gave you YOUR body and it is just that — YOURS. Who cares if it doesn’t look like a “model” body? If you really want to be healthy, you should ask your doctor what your best diet options are. Maybe you need a lot of protein, or maybe you need a lot of greens. Also, try out different excercises until you find one that you enjoy doing, and that works for whatever you’re trying to achieve — whether that’s losing fat, gaining muscle, or simply toning up.

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Okay, before anyone says anything. Hear me out because I know the headline is going to make people mad. I love that we are in a body positive society these days because it makes people have more confidents in themselves. I live that we are eliminating the word “plus size models” and just calling them models. But I have seen a few posts of these models that they do not work out and say they don’t eat healthy (NOT ALL OF THEM! But more of the ‘instagram models’ if you know what I mean).


Are we telling people that it’s okay not to workout and be healthy? Honestly, I hate the people that say they eat whatever they want and they eat all this sugar everyday because it is not good for you. It’s  all about moderation. Instead of promoting love your body the way it is. I think we…

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